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Do You Check The Chip?

I'm a super big fan of microchipping dogs and cats as one in 3 family pets will get lost! Microchips don’t replace a tag or collar, and contrary to popular misconception, they don’t have GPS or tracking capabilities, but they do provide a permanent I.D. that can be used to trace a pet back to their owner. In fact, microchipped dogs are more than twice as likely to be returned to their owners, and microchipped cats are more than 20 times as likely!

When a microchipped pet isn’t returned home, it’s usually due to incorrect or missing owner information in the microchip registry. So after your pet is microchipped, be sure to register and update your pet’s info as needed, and even check it annually. 

If you’re not sure which registry to contact in order to update your pet’s microchip, you can locate the company by entering the microchip into AAHA’s Pet Microchip Lookup.

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