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Soapbox Warning: Fleas, Really?!!

Now that we've seen the first case of bubonic plague this season--which is transmitted to pets AND PEOPLE through bites from infected FLEAS, and is FATAL 50% of the time in people--I thought I'd take my megaphone, jump on my soapbox, and shout-out:

Hey Peeps! In this day and age there are ZERO reasons why a pet dog or cat should have fleas...ZERO! 

And yet, I see pets with fleas in my practice every single hour of every single day of every single year, which is NOT GOOD! Fleas cause diseases, and they are just plain hugely uncomfortable to our dogs and cats. 

30 years ago, when I started my veterinary practice, you could make a case the reason our pets had fleas was because flea control was inadequate. All we had back then were flea dips, flea sprays, flea shampoos, flea powders, and flea collars. None of these products provided flea prevention for longer than a few days, or were weak in their ability to kill fleas. They failed miserably, so it was common for our pets to be infested with fleas. 

Today, however, we have excellent flea preventives for dogs and cats that, when used year-round (and monthly in most cases), will keep our dogs and cats flea-free. There are many to choose from, but I do have my favorites:

  • NexGard is a chew tablet given every month -- my favorite for most dogs.

  • Revolution is a topical dosed every month -- my favorite for most cats.

I want to reiterate that all non-debilitated dogs and cats should be treated with flea control all year-round in Texas and most of the country, and this includes inside-only cats. One pregnant flea will produce 2000 baby fleas, and guess who rides into the house, unnoticed, on your clothes? Yep, that female flea itching to find your cat (or dog) and spread microscopic eggs all over your place. Check with your vet whether or not your sick pet should be on flea control.

There are other flea controls on the market, and available in our hospital, and I'd love to chit chat with you about what's right for your pet. Give me a call at 281.351.7184 or find us on the web at