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Dog Flu is in Spring, Texas!

We now have 2 Canine Influenza cases in Spring, Texas. This, hot off the press from Blue Pearl Specialty and Emergency Hospital: 

"There has been a report of an influenza outbreak in the Southeastern U.S. in the last couple of weeks at large dog shows in Florida and Georgia. It is believed to be the H3N2 variety previously thought to originate in Asia. Some of these dogs traveled from all over the country, so it is feasible that you could see cases.

We currently are treating 2 confirmed cases of influenza in our Spring hospital, and both of these cases were exposed to the Perry, Ga outbreak....

We want to inform our primary veterinary community of the potential for a more large-scale outbreak in our area and other large metropolitan areas in the country. If any dogs present to you with signs consistent with infectious respiratory disease including cough, fever, nasal discharge, etc. please have this possibility in mind. 

Details of note:

  • No drugs are effective and treatment is mainly supportive.

  • In some cases, dogs may have concurrent respiratory infections with other contagious organisms including secondary bacterial

  • H3N2 is important because, like most flu viruses, it is spread through air easily and most dogs do not have protection against this strain.

  • Large outbreaks of this disease with fatalities have been reported in the past few years in different parts of the country....

  • No human transmission has been reported from this flu virus. This is not the bird flu, swine flu, or other flu viruses that have infected humans. Rarely, cats have been affected by this virus which caused upper respiratory signs, but all cats recovered with support care.

  • Vaccination is available. The vaccine reduces the clinical signs if a dog gets infected, but does not prevent the flu virus from being able to infect the dog. This is a 2 injection series, given three weeks apart. Maximal protection does not occur until five weeks after administration. It is a preventative vaccine and not a treatment."

For more info on influenza, see the link below: 

For more info on dog vaccinations.

We have the influenza vaccination available here at Spring Creek Animal Hospital. Call us at 281.351.7184 or contact us at 

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